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The first blog! The beginning is always scary, right? But so is the end. And the middle part is boring, so maybe humans just like to complain. I’m Karta, or Karta-Purkh to some, and I plan to write some things here that you might enjoy and respond to. 

Many of us are trying to carve out our little corners of the internet, hoping that someone will read our stories, look at our pictures, and maybe even interact. With so much content coming through the screens, I really don’t always have the capacity to care. I will be entirely transparent: my goal is to get you to care. My goal is to serve you in some way, no matter what it is that made you read this.  Maybe you’re here out of curiosity, maybe you’re here because my caption seemed interesting, and maybe you’re just here because you’re my mom and you literally think every word I’ve written so far is gold (thank you for the never-ending lifetime of support and love, Mama).

Jenny Losee Photography

Jenny Losee Photography

Flower Crown, Oregon Stationer

I’m a wedding stationer, yes. And blogging will increase my visibility and help my website SEO, yes. But, I’m also a loud mouth with a lot to say. I’m a performer, and a spotlight hoarder. I have to resist my narcissistic tendencies every day. Case in point, right now I’m thinking, “am I talking about myself too much?”

I’m also wildly unguarded. I owe it to that mama I mentioned earlier for raising me to feel safe and trusting of most people and the world around me. This makes me very comfortable talking about my feelings. To an obnoxious degree. That means that sometimes this blog might be about a revolutionary new design technique, and sometimes it might be about the terror of writing blog posts that no one will read. But I'll write them anyway.  


"This makes me very comfortable talking about my feelings. To an obnoxious degree"


My hope is that you might see a little of yourself in what I write, and that we can remember that there is actually a fierce strength in vulnerability, such a captivating beauty in sensitivity, and true grit within the uncertainty of the entrepreneurial path. Let’s remember that we can be both badass leaders as well as lady bosses who might freak out over dusty pink floral arrangements. Because, in the words of Jesicca Day,


“ I break for birds! I rock a lot of polka-dots! I 'have' touched glitter in the past twenty-four hours…that doesn’t mean that I’m not smart, and tough, and strong.”


With love,


Photo by Jenny Losee Photography


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