Catalina Jean Photography

Catalina Jean Photography


I am a southern American Turkish Jew, with an Indian name, a Sikh culture, an Italian Catholic grandmother, and a deep love for color and shape. I come from a long lineage of designers. My grandfather was an advertising artist of the 1950’s – a la Mad Men - and my grandmother was a New York City window display designer. I am a bounty of identities.

I’m Karta and these are some things about me.

I believe in ideas like the power of positive thinking and the healing properties of wild herbs, but I’m also delighted by a new pair of shoes or the latest trendy restaurant opening in my neighborhood. I enjoy working hard. A weekend spent in the library completing a project was my idea of a good time in college. Deadlines excite me!  I think that the personal interactions we have on a daily basis shape our world, and that people are the most important thing.   

I battled Lyme Disease for five years, and as much as I hate ticks, I found a love for life that was even stronger. Not only was it my obnoxious demand to improve my health that brought me back to life, but also my daily painting practice. I couldn’t read a book or drive a car, but I could put paintbrush to paper, and it was healing.

I like to look at beautiful things, create them, and surround myself with them. When something is lovely, it seems to align the chaos of the world and ignite a fire in my heart! Sharing joy with a client over a completed invitation suite tends to make me want to do a little dance - which I often do. 

Now I'd like to meet you. Let’s talk. Let’s make something beautiful.  

- Karta